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1. THIS DAY IN WORLD WAR 2 (1st August 1944)
On the Russian Front...

2nd Tank Army of Soviet 1st Byelorussian Front is heavily engaged in the Praga suburb of Warsaw on the east bank of the Vistula
8th Guards Army of Soviet 1st Byelorussian Front attacks Magnuszew on the Vistula south of Warsaw 

In Helsinki, Finland...
President Ryti resigns in order that a government more acceptable to the Soviets can be formed

In Warsaw...
The Polish Home Army rises in revolt against German rule

In Berlin...
Hitler orders that:
1. The rebellion in Warsaw is crushed and the city demolished
2. The families of the conspirators in the July Bomb Plot are to be arrested

At Danzig and Pillau, Germany...
U-Boats U-3, U-4 and U-10 are decommissioned and cannibalized for spare parts 

In Normandy, France...
In a reorganization, General Omar Bradley takes command of the new US 12th Army Group, consisting of US 1st Army (commanded by General Courtney Hodges) and US 3rd Army (commanded by General George S Patton)

British 2nd Army attacks around le Beny-Bocage, Estry, Mont Pincon, and Villers-Bocage 
Canadian 1st Army attacks around Tllly la Campagne-La Hogue and Sannerville-Troarn 

US 1st Army, with V, VII, and XIX Corps, captures Percy and Tessy, and advances toward Vire 
US 3rd Army with VIII, XII, XV, and XX Corps advances into Brittany 

General Leclerc's Free French 2nd Armored Division begins arriving at Utah Beach 

In London...
The Polish Government-In-Exile receives news of the Warsaw revolt
Admiral Bruce Fraser is appointed to command RN Eastern Fleet 

In Budapest, Hungary...
Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg meets with Hungarian regent Admiral Horthy to discuss an end to the deportation of Hungarian Jews

In Bastia, Corsica...
Headquarters of US 6th Army Group is established under the command of General Jacob L. Devers to command the invasion of southern France 

In Washington DC...
President Quezon of the Philippines government-in-exile dies and is succeeded by Sergio Osmena

On Hawaii...
US Army Air Forces - Pacific Ocean Areas is activated with headquarters on Oahu and takes control of 7th Air Force
General Robert C. Richardson Jr. takes command of US Army Forces - Pacific Ocean Areas 

In the Pacific...
Organized Japanese resistance on Tinian Island ends  

US III Amphibious Corps advances northward on Guam 

New Guinea...
Weak Japanese forces launch a costly and unsuccessful attack in the Aitape area

In India...
An anti-Japanese Burmese government-in-exile established 

Today's Air Raids...
Loire River Bridges, France by US 9th Air Force
Airfields around Paris, Tours and Rouen, V-Weapons Sites and targets of opportunity in France by US 8th Air Force
V-Weapons sites in France by RAF Bomber Command
Italy on airfields and transportation routes by US 12th Air Force
Ponape Island by US 7th Air Force
Utagal Island and Boeroe Island by US FEAF
China River and lake shipping, road traffic, airfields, and other targets at Hengyang, Changsha, and elsewhere by US 14th Air Force
Myitkyina, Shwegu, Mohnyin, and military tagets in Burma by US 10th Air Force  

Quality Missus Time
Me Time 

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@bhoxzzervin1, @NewArtistPromo 3. TODAY'S SELF-OBSERVATIONI had made the decision to simply sever all contact with Daughter and write off the relationship as dead, but I no longer believe it is as simple as that, because what I considered as simply narcissism is I believe mental health issues. From the feedback I get from the unbelievably tolerant Missus, she is exhibiting the two classic symptoms - distorted perception and irrational behaviour.  She has convinced herself that I physically abused her - the reality is that as a child and as a teen I did hit her a few times, (which I'm not proud of) but it was rare and not systematic. This distorted perception is less worrying to me than the way she treats Missus. Her response to her own deep fear of losing her mother is to "punish" poor Missus with acts of extreme rudeness, such as ignoring her and refusing to speak to her, shouting at her and sulking in her room.  This is the behaviour I would expect of a young teen, not a young woman. Missus, bless her, soaks all this up like a sponge and goes back for more. This is a quality in Missus I deeply admire, but I fear that Daughter needs a psychiatric intervention in addition to this saintly tolerance.  Not having Daughter's ear, I can only make an offer through Missus to organize such an intervention. Of course, Daughter has to firstly admit she has a problem and then agree to therapy. I actually hope she doesn't, as this will save me considerable effort and sacrifice, but I can't just walk away without first offering. Only then can I say with clear conscience that I did everything I could.  It's not very nice having a Daughter that hates you. It is particularly painful when you made every effort and sacrifice for a person who hates you anyway. After having been raised in a dysfunctional family it is also very disheartening to see that dysfunctionality pass down the generations despite your best efforts.  However, this is the hand I have been dealt and there's little I can do about it. I have learned to keep my focus on the folks who DO love me and appreciate my efforts, and make all the difference I have the power to make. The losses, traumas, hurts and disappointments can be used positively to relate to and establish rapport with the clients I see.  4. TODAY'S QUESTION FOR YOUAre you responding in the best way possible to the challenges you face?  5. TODAY'S WEATHER IN BRADFORDDry and cloudy until mid-afternoon.Showers thereafterA moderate south-easterly will blow throughout, swinging easterly overnightMax Temp = 17 degCMin Temp = 14 degCSunrise at 05:20Sunset at 21:05  Weathertrack: A depression west of Scotland will drift north, but another will form in the English Channel, deepen, and track north over BritainAir Pressure: 1007 millibars and falling  6. TODAY'S ONELINERI'm not arguing! I'm simply explaining why I'm right! :D  7.  NOW THAT'S FUNNY!Jimmy Carr at the Royal Variety Performance  8. TRIVIA Sperm whales can dive as deep as two miles into the water, and their bodies have unique physiological adaptations to allow them to survive the intense cold and crushing pressure of these dives. They can limit circulation to the brain and other organs, slow the heart to 10 beats per minute to conserve oxygen, and collapse the lungs and rib cage to withstand the pressure.   9. ZEN WISDOMHappiness does not exist as an isolated quality, nor does it conform to a single fixed pattern. Happiness is something that breathes and lives in the relationships between one person and another.            

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