Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WEDNESDAY 29th APRIL 2015 08:41 BST




1. THIS DAY IN WORLD WAR 2 (29th April 
On the Russian Front...

Soviet 2nd Byelorussian Front captures Anklam
Soviet 1st Byelorussian Front and 1st Ukrainian Front continue assaulting Berlin - there is heavy fighting around the Moltke bridge, Interior Ministry, City Hall, flak towers, Chancellery, and Reichstag building. Soviet troops get to within two blocks of the Reich Chancellery and Hitler's bunker, which both come under Soviet artillery fire
German 12th Army attacks around Belzig in an effort to relieve Berlin
Soviet 4th Ukrainian Front is fighting its way into Moravska Ostrava
Soviet troops liberate 3000 female prisoners remaining at Ravensbruk concentration camp
In an Arado 96 aircraft which takes off from a street, Hanna Reitsch and Luftwaffe CinC Field Marshal Greim, each carrying a cyanide capsule presented by Hitler, fly out of Berlin with orders from the Fuehrer to arrest Himmler

Berlin Bunker...
Hitler relieves General Gotthard Heinrici of command of German Army Group Vistula
Hitler marries Eva Braun in his bunker in Berlin with Goebbels and Bormann as witnesses
Hitler dictates his political and personal wills to his secretary, Traudl Junge
Hitler orders German forces to continue fighting in the so-called Alpine Fortress
Hitler expels Goering and Himmler from the Nazi party and names Admiral Karl Doenitz as his successor. He appoints Karl Hanke as leader of the SS, Goebbels as Reich Chancellor, Martin Bormann as party minister, Athur Seyss-Inquart as Foreign Minister, and Field Marshal Schorner as Army CinC
Hitler poisons his dog Blondi to test the effectiveness of the cyanide capsules provided

In the Arctic...
U-Boats gather for an attack on convoy RA 66. U-286 sinks RN destroyer escort Goodall but is detected and sunk by RN frigates Loch Shin and Anguilla and destroyer escort Cotton
U-307 sunk by RN frigate Loch Insh

Operation Manna: RAF Bomber Command utilizes Lancaster bombers to drop food supplies to Dutch civilians. In a truce with occupying German forces, they are guaranteed safe passage

On the Western Front...
British 2nd Army successfully crosses the Elbe River around Lauenburg, establishes a bridgehead and liberates Neuengamme concentration camp
US 3rd Army is advancing east into Czechoslovakia and south of the Danube
US 7th Army reaches outskirts of Munich and liberates 30,000 survivors at Dachau concentration camp
French 1st Army advancing around Kempten, Immenstadt, Friedrichhafen, and Wangen

Italian partisans take control of Milan
British 8th Army captures Venice and advances toward Trieste
US 5th Army reaches Milan and makes contact with British 8th Army around Padua
In Caserta, German representatives sign the surrender of German forces in Italy, to become effective on May 2nd

In the Atlantic...
U-1017 is sunk by RAF aircraft

New York City...
More than 50,000 people demonstrate in New York City to demand a Jewish state in Palestine

In the Pacific...
IJN submarine I-44 is sunk by aircraft from USN escort carrier Tulagi

USN Task Group 74.3 continues bombarding Japanese positions in preparation for an Australian landing

East Indies:
IJN guardboat Otome Maru is sunk by USN submarine Besugo
German depot vessel Quito sunk by USN submarine Bream off Borneo
Japanese occupation authorities allow the formation of an East Indies consultative body of 67 individuals headed by Sukarno (like many Javans he had no second-name)

US 8th Army is attacking around Coronon, Astorga, Darong, and Guma

US 8th Army continues mopping up isolated pockets of resistance

US 8th Army is attacking around Palimpinon
USN Task Group 78.3 lands US 185th Regimental Combat Team lands near Padan Point which advances inland

US 10th Army heavily is engaged against Japanese 32nd Army on the Shuri Line
Several warships offshore are damaged ny kamikaze aircraft

Off Japan:
Japanese vessel Taishu Maru is sunk by USN submarine Cero
Japanese vessel No. 1 Aioi Maru is sunk by a mine

Laohokou operation: 
110th Infantry Division of Japanese 12th Army opens unsuccessful attacks against Chinese 1st War Area around Hsipingchen and Chingtzekuan

Chihchiang operation (Battle of Western Hunan): 
Counterattacks by Chinese 18th Army and 73rd Army halt Shigehiro Detachment of Japanese 20th Army around Ankiang

British 14th Army captures Pyinbongyi and Payagyi north of Pegu and cuts the Japanese escape route to the east from Pegu and Rangoon
The remaining elements of the Japanese garrison withdraw eastward from Rangoon overnight
On the Arakan coast, British 15th Corps occupies Taungup at the terminus of the road to Prome
RAF Spitfires shoot down a Japanese Ki-84 in the last air-to-air combat over Burma
Two IJN motor torpedo boats are sunk by RAF aircraft off Rangoon

Today's Air Raids...
Marcus Island by US 7th Air Force
Truk Atoll by US 7th Air Force
Manus Island by Japanese aircraft, damaging the docks
Borneo and Celebes Island on airfields by US FEAF
Japan on airfields by US 20th Air Force
Thu Dan Mot airfield, Indochina by US FEAF
China on Japanese positions, supply depots, transportation lines, and other targets across southern and eastern China by US 14th Air Force fighters
Pyu, Burma by Japanese aircraft

Me Time 
Client prep and session
Missus Time

Twitter Followers = 1,915 (no change)
Non-followed eliminated = 1

Unfollowers eliminated = 0
New Followers followed back = 0
Spammers not followed back = 1

Last night I swore I would NEVER AGAIN see clients without payment in advance! I now normally don't anyway, but I made an exception for a client who had already previously had a 5-session course - and he didn't show!! I've learned that just because you may have scruples and things you would never do, there are always plenty of others who would. And yet despite all that I'm making another exception today! However it's another circumstance not previously encountered, so we'll see how this one goes.

As well as insisting on payment in advance without exception, the other lesson has been acceptance - people and situations just don't behave in the way expected of them. There has to be a letting go and a focus on the people and situations who ARE behaving as wanted. 

Are there circumstances where it's absolutely right to say NEVER?

Showers will clear by mid-morning 
Cloud will thin out thereafter and skies will clear by mid-afternoon
Rain will return overnight
A moderate south-westerly will blow throughout
Max Temp = 8 degC at 3pm
Min Temp = 5 degC at midnight
Sunrise at 05:36
Sunset at 20:34

Weathertrack: A depression is moving slowly east across Britain
Air Pressure: 1007 millibars and static

The female praying mantis devours the male within minutes after mating, while the female human prefers to stretch it out over a lifetime. :D


On July 1, 2009, shortly after Michael Jackson died, his page became the most popular page on Facebook. Previously, the most popular person on Facebook was U.S. President Obama with just over 6 million fans.

The course of our lives is determined by how we react—what we decide and what we do—at the darkest of times. The nature of that response determines a person’s true worth and greatness.


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